In-Store Analytics

Understand in-store customer behaviour to enhance
the shopping experience and increase sales.

With Prodco’s in-store analytics solution, you will gain insight into shopper behavior throughout the store layout. This information will make you better understand where shoppers are going and how long they spend within each zone, department and store. Use these additional metrics to better engage the shopper, optimize sales service levels by zone and lower POS wait times.

Features and Benefits

  • New Visits Determine the percentage of Visitors who are new to your store.
  • Repeat Visits Find out how many of your Visitors come back, how often and at what frequency
  • Draw Rate We can tell you how many people pass-by versus the number who enter your store.
  • Dwell Times The longer visitors stay in your store the better chance they will purchase… measure the average time spent in your store.
  • Heat Maps We provide information on which areas of your store are most frequented. With this information you can adjust your merchandising and in-store advertising to increase attach rates.
  • Journey (shopper path) Once inside your store, learn more about the Shopper path… does the current layout confuse and frustrate visitors or are you maximizing visits to all zones?